Thank you for your interest in learning more about me and my vision to build a better justice system for all who live, work, worship and visit our beloved borough.

I decided to run for DA for several reasons, yet one of the most important is that I LOVE BROOKLYN.

I was born in Flatbush. My grandparents were immigrants who fled the Ukraine to Cuba with my two aunts, then settled in Brooklyn – they supported their family by revitalizing grocery stores in East New York and Brownsville. My two children were born and raised here. I graduated from Brooklyn Law School, and have been teaching there for more than 20 years. For over 33 years, I proudly served under four different District Attorneys. More recently I worked as Managing Counsel for Brooklyn Defender Services. My husband and I have enjoyed and supported the arts, culture, religious and business institutions which make this diverse city so great. As a true "Daughter of Brooklyn," I am committed to making sure our DA's Office is a model for excellence in criminal justice - one that works for all our families and futures.

Another key reason I entered this race is that I KNOW HOW TO MAKE REFORM HAPPEN NOWon every case, in every courtroom, for every survivor, for every defendant, and for every policy, with the utmost commitment to public safety. As both an experienced prosecutor and managing public defender, I have heard a lot of talk about reform. We already know which "best practices" could be most effective here. What we need now is a leader who on Day 1 has the skills, relationships and resolve to bring a better system of justice to all Brooklynites.

Brooklyn is my home and you are part of my family. I invite you to read more and follow my campaign so that on September 12th – Democratic Primary Day - you know a vote for Anne Swern is a vote to create a safer and more just Brooklyn NOW.

For our families. For our communities. For everyone. For a better criminal justice system.


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